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Lilja Sigurðardóttir

author & playwright




Lilja Sigurðardóttir is an Icelandic crime-writer and playwright, born in 1972. She is the author of four crime novels,  Steps (Spor), 2009, Forgiveness (Fyrirgefning), 2010, Snare (Gildran) 2015 and Implicated (Netið) 2016.

Her debut stage-play Big Babies (Stóru Börnin) was staged in the winter of 2013-2014, became critically acclaimed and won the Icelandic Theatre Prize Gríman as "Best play of the year." 

Lilja´s latest book, Implicated, (Netið) was published in Iceland in October 2016 by Forlagid publishing. The rights to the novel have already been sold to France/Switzerland/Luxembourg/Canada (Éditions Métailié); World English (Orenda Books)

Implicated is the second thriller in a trilogy featuring protagonist Sonia, who gets drawn into drug-smuggling in the aftermath of the Icelandic financial meltdown. When almost-retired customs officer Bragi gets interested in her, a cat-and-mouse chase begins so Sonia needs to constantly find new and innovative ways to get the drugs through the border.

The first book in the series, Snare was sold to France/Switzerland/Luxembourg/Canada
(Éditions Métailié); Norway (Font); Czech Republic (Leda); World English (Orenda Books)

Film rights to the story have been sold to 66 Degrees North/Palomar Pictures.



Contact Lilja


Email liljawriter@gmail.com for requests for interviews, appearances and literary events as well as stage-play rights.


Inquiries on other literary and film rights should be directed to Forlagið Rights Managers:
Úa Matthíasdóttir - ua@forlagid.is
Valgerður Benediktsdóttir - vala@forlagid.is

Tel: +354 575 5600






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Sonia, an attractive single mother in her thirties is an imaginative, albeit unwilling cocaine-smuggler. Her main adversary, Bragi, an almost-retired customs officer, knows all the tricks in the book after decades of experience. Not only must Sonja think of new and increasingly daring ways to outwit her nemesis, she must also find a way to get out of the snare. 











An original and sexy financial-crime and drug smuggling story, Trapped is also a love story between two women, who have to face their destiny in the aftermath of a nation’s financial and social collapses.

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Sonia believes that she’s finally escaped the snare set up to ensnare her by unscrupulous drug lords. But when the person she cherishes above all else in the world, her son Tomas, is taken from her, all hell breaks loose again. Former banker Agla is awaiting sentencing for financial misconduct, but that’s not all that troubles her: she owes money to some extremely powerful men and Sonia, whom she loves so dearly, doesn’t want to see her. Sonia’s behavior is also causing Customs Officer Bragi some concern; has he calculated wrong? All of them are in a nerve-wracking situation—and it’s impossible that it will end well.



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Big Babies

Big Babies (Stóru börnin) addresses the ambiguous value of love through the hidden world of infantilism. A middle-aged carpenter arrives at Mommy´s house seeking love and affection. Love that he is willing to pay for. Mommy will take care of him and love him - for the right price - just like all her other big babies. The stage-play was produced by Lab Loki theater company in 2013-2014 and won the Icelandic Performing Arts Award, Griman, as ,Best play of the year.´



Freakshow (Fríksjóv) follows conjoined twin sisters Thelma and Jana on their quest for self-determination. The conflict between intimacy and independence becomes an issue when Thelma falls in love and the sisters, their doctor and the mysterious housemaid face new challenges. The stage-play, that has not been produced as yet, allows for Documentary Theatre inputs.